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Brenné Forst


Dancer, Choreographer, Educator

Dance Styles:

Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Improvisation, African, Jazz






Brenné Forst is an up-and-coming non-binary choreographer born and raised in Charlotte, NC. They have been dancing since the age of 5 and started competitively dancing at the age of 11 at Miss Donna's School of Dance until they graduated high school in 2014.

Since the age of 13, Brenné started volunteer work at their church as a music director for their summer camps. They were also a Dance Instructor and Counselor for the Stratford-Richardson YMCA, where they taught children the importance of dance and how it benefits physical health in a fun and engaging environment. They are currently a Dance Team Coach for the West Mecklenburg High School Band as well as a Middle School Dance Teacher for Collinswood Language Academy. Brenné also teaches master classes for both dancers and non-dancers alike.

Brenné has received 2 degrees: a Bachelor's of Science in Applied Sociology with a Minor in History from East Carolina University in 2018 and a Bachelor's of Arts in Dance with a Minor in Community-Based Learning from Winthrop University in 2020. They have performed in productions such as Winthrop Dance Theatre, Junior and Senior Choreography Showcases, Winthrop’s first and second annual Scholarship Gala, and the Merce Cunningham Centennial to honor the 100th anniversary of Merce Cunningham's birth and celebrate his works and contributions to the dance community. They also were a part of the Winthrop Repertory Group and toured local schools to perform multiple dance routines for children of all ages. Brenné was also invited to perform at ACDA in Tallahassee, Florida in March 2020 during their college career. They were also part of the inaugural Winterfest parade at Carowinds from November to December of 2019.

Brenné has been trained by notable names such as Galina Panova, Dirk Lumbard, Lauren Skrabalak, Meg Schriffen, Julianna Hane, Ben Kubie, Kelly Ozust, Wanda Ebright, Maria Caruso, Jackie O'Toole, Tamara Williams, Rosângela Silvestre, Vera Passos, and Nihdinha Fonsesca. They have years of experience in styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, and Lyrical. They are currently training in styles such as West African, Brazilian Samba, Latin, Silvestre Technique, and much more.

2019 was the start of Brenné's choreography debut as they were featured as a choreographer for the Dance Co-Lab for the Charlotte New Music Festival. They have choreographed for their Junior Showcase in March 2020 and it was featured at the SOURCE Conference at Winthrop University. In November 2020, they presented a dance film titled, "June 28, 2015" which was showcased at their Senior Thesis as well as the Werner Independent Choreographer Showcase in February 2021. Brenné now has performed their pieces in the Loose Leaves Showcase and the Charlotte BOOM Festival.

In January 2021, they started their first season as a company dancer for Moving Spirits Inc.a dance company:

"which bases their movement on the African Diaspora s well as modern, ballet, and contemporary West African Dances" - Tamara Williams, Founder of Moving Spirits. Inc

Brenné's philosophy is geared toward providing dancers with the valuable resources of being able to express themselves through dance as well as instilling the emphasis that art programs should be provided in schools, especially dance.

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