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Studio Subsidy - Studio Partner

Kinetic Works temp.png

Martha Connerton / Kinetic Works

Studio Website Link

Studio Location: 1609 Nassau Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28205

**Studio is private in backyard, not commercially zoned. Be quiet and respectful of neighbors privacy. 

***Park only on street, in front of house (2 car max) and never in driveway.

Studio Specs:

- Max capacity 12 persons

- Room: 29 ft x 35 ft

- Ceiling: 9 ft

- Sprung marley floor


Sound Equipment: Speakers with jack for phone/computer/boombox (bring adapter if you have a newer iphone).

***No loud or live amplified music allowed, and no drums.


Studio Restrictions: 

- No street shoes, heels, hard shoes or tap shoes allowed.  

- No chairs or objects that can scratch, chip or cut flooring.

- We spray the floor with Slip No More, please do not use rosin (there is a little in the corner but use sparingly only if necessary).


General Availability: Availability varies.  

- Must book through Martha by emailing:  

- Once you have established regular renting Martha can put you on the calendar share list to book your own times at her studio.

- Once booked, you will pay DAACLT via the payment button on our Studio Subsidy home page.


Renter Contract to Sign: Liability Form


Studio Policies:

- Put chairs etc. back where they were when you entered.

- Use sanitization wipes on surfaces.

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